FlyTek Will Be Closed For Orders From The 20th Of December Until The 2nd Of January. The Website Will Still Be Browsable But No Orders Will Be Possible. Have A Merry Christmas And We Will See You All Again In 2019!

About Us

Welcome to the new era of FlyTek!

I'm Dave Beddows and I am the new boss of the shop. Before you get worried Pat Stevens is still very much involved with FlyTek as technical advisor, is still available for technical advice over the phone and he will still be there to sell you things at all the usual shows. I have possibly met some of you at this years BFFI and if I seemed a bit uncomfortable with some questions I appologise, it was only because we couldn't say what was going on at that point or why I was actually there.

In effect I'm doing the things that Pat doesn't really want to - website, technology etc etc and he is now free to do the things (such as fishing obviously!) he enjoys doing much more. I on the other hand get to sit in a darkened industrial unit surrounded by mountains of fly tying materials and alternating between staring at a computer screen, desperately trying to remember where everything is and visiting the Post Office.......

So the team is basically:

Me - I would say that I'm an enthusiastic beginner when it come to fly tying (but lets face it I now have all the gear so I'm hoping to quickly improve!) but an expert in selling things on the internet. I have enough knowledge to know what everything is but not quite enough yet to know how best to use absolutely all of it - we stock well over 3000 products so that will take a little time but I'm getting there.

Pat Stevens, who really needs no introduction, as the expert/technical guru.

Bill Beddows, who I know some of you know already, as the very good amateur tyer . The more observant amongst you may also notice that we share a surname, there is a good reason for that as he also doubles up as my father in his spare time.

We are also hoping to improve the look of FlyTek stand at shows, there won't be any major changes more little tweeks to hopefully make shopping the stand easier and to make it look a little more modern. I am however pleased to be able to say that Marc Petitjean has confirmed that he will be on our stand again next year at the BFFI

Finally - if you are a Facebook user we now have a FlyTek group - please feel free to drop by and say hello! FlyTek Facebook Group