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Pat's May Blog

Posted by Pat 20/05/2017 0 Comment(s) Pat,

I am very happy that Dave has the site back up - please be patient , it will all be there when time allows.


The weather is still causing some challenges so I was not unhappy to have had a week in a warmer climate with good friends.  There was no fishing but I took my fly tying tools and some materials.  Whilst sober (a significant part of the time) some emergers in sizes 14 - 18 were tied along with some of Chris Sandford's bullet flies in sizes 14 and 16 and some smaller bead headed nymphs to replace those lost during the winter.  Now that I have a different role within FlyTek  I look forward to more tying time.


Coch-y-Bonddu books published  an Angling Monograph recently titled Understanding Fish Vision by Lawrence Threadgold. I took a copy with me and found it interesting if a little difficult to read (eventually getting the hang of most of it after the third time though).  It certainly has me thinking about the limited binocular vision of fish, the focus of the fishes eye, the shape of the mirror effect surrounding the fishes window of clear vision and the effect of colour and penetration of different wave lengths into the water.  If the result is more fish caught I do not know but I will be replacing some of the red and pinks in my grayling flies with orange - always fun to experiment and learn!



14 May

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