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September News

Posted by Dave 05/09/2017 0 Comment(s) Dave,

I keep hassling people for blog posts but I’m a little behind in posting one of my own – so here we are!


It’s been a very busy but very encouraging first 3 months or so for the ‘new’ FlyTek. When I took it over from Pat there was a bit of doubt in my mind as to how it would go down in the Fly Fishing & Tying community as FlyTek is Pat Stevens isn’t it!? However I have been very happy (and grateful) for all the support from his old friends and customers. It has been a bit of an adjustment  for Pat to be fair but I have told him that in terms of shows he can act like he always has in terms of friends and old customers. Things will never change that much and we are still favoured suppliers of Partridge and Varivas products, obviously I am looking into new products to stock but all the old favourites will always be there, after all something being ‘new’ doesn’t automatically make it any good does it!


We had a great show at Lowther and enjoyed meeting lots of old and new friends, and again the reception I got as the new boss was very much appreciated. We will be at the Midland Game Fair next weekend (16&17/09/17) with a few more tweeks to our stand. Pat obviously will be there selling stuff and maybe occasionally tying the odd fly or two if he can stop talking long enough - but that's just Pat being Pat isn't it! The great news is that we will also have the very talented Aimee Kitching tying on the stand as well. She turned a LOT of heads at Lowther, she is young, works with children for a living and is an absolute whirlwind of enthusiasm so if you have any budding junior fly tyers in the family bring them along to say hi, I guarantee she is going to inspire a lot of younger people.


Petitjean – we have just placed an order with Marc so all the out of stock items will be back soon! He has a new tool coming out as well and I’m pleased to say that it will be launched exclusively in the UK by FlyTek so if you’re a fan keep your eyes peeled. The book…… everyone asks about the book….it is on the way but it has to be perfect obviously (Petitjean) and it may still be a few months away sadly. Again we will have copies before anyone else but don’t hold your breath quite yet – we need living customers!


There is more but I’ll save that for another day


Dave Beddows


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