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Pat's Autumn Blog

Posted by Pat 06/09/2017 0 Comment(s) Pat,

I am calling this the autumn blog as when last on the river I caught quite a few leaves, always a clue as to the change of seasons.  During the summer months the water level on the rivers in the north-west has been up and down with not too much of the more productive steady times.  Just about all my fishing has been with dry flies.  Looking through my box it is noticeable that the most successful flies had quill bodies either natural or dyed.  I think that the Polish Stripped and Dyed Eye Quills have been the most important new product introduced this decade.  There are a number of cheaper quill substitutes on the market but none come near to the real thing!  The nymphs that are being tied for colder days will, in many cases, also feature quill bodies.


With the increased time now  that Dave is doing the work running the website and business I have been doing a bit more casting teaching.  It is surprising the number of anglers who are using unbalanced outfits and are therefore handicapping themselves.  A balanced rod, real and line make a long day's fishing the pleasure it should be.


Lowther Show went well, many thanks to the friends who came and passed some time with us.  The next show is the Midland, which will be followed by the Grayling Society Symposium/AGM weekend, and then the BFFI in February.  Steve Cooper has kept this show going annually since 2003 and it has been, since the very first one, the premier show of the year.  If you can make it you should.

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