Varnish & Resin

Varnish & Resin
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Benecchi Head Cement/Varnish

15ml bottle. A simply outstanding head cement as you would expect from Bennechi. Available with eith..


Cellire Varnish

15ml Bottle. Clear, Black, Red, White & Yellow. A great head cement with good build up, finish a..


FlyTek EASY UV Clear Set Resin

15ml bottle. Pat Stevens sourced this specifically for fly tying use. After testing several he settl..


Floo Gloo

A flexible clear coating for flies and feathers. Simply coat with flue glue allow to dry and you h..


Unitit Thinners 2 - 3 Days

Unitit Thinners

15mm bottle. The product to use when you need to thin or slow down Cellire or Floo Gloo...


FlyTek EASY UV Laser Pen

A brilliantly simple but effective UV Laser Pen for setting any UV Resin - including our own EASY UV..