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Marc Petitjean

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Marc Petitjean 4 Colour Thread Pack

# 1 Cream - # 2 Grey - # 3 Olive - # 4 Black (spool 200m / 219 yards). ..


Marc Petitjean Amadou Dryer

The DA1 Dryer is best we have seen. It is a stylish accessory and the two waterproo..


Marc Petitjean Hackle Pliers 2 - 3 Days

Marc Petitjean Hackle Pliers

Specially designed to grip up to 3 CDC feathers at a time. The spring grip system does not damage ..


Marc Petitjean Loop Clamps

Specially designed to partially close a dubbing loop to incorporate a second or third component. (2 ..


Marc Petitjean Magic Tool Regular 2 - 3 Days

Marc Petitjean Magic Tool Regular

The Magic Tool REGULAR comes with table clips, clamps and full instructions. Three wooden dowels a..


Marc Petitjean Master Swiss Vice 2 - 3 Days

Marc Petitjean Master Swiss Vice

As well as a high capacity regular C-clamp (100mm-table), the stem and the special looking nut, al..


Marc Petitjean Scissors

These have a simple, elegant and functional design. Stainless steel scissors made in Switzerland...


Marc Petitjean Tool Kit No. 2

Includes the most important tying tools.#10 - Clamp#20 - Needle#30 - Pliers#40 - Finisher#50 - Twist..


Marc Petitjean TT Bobbin Holder 2 - 3 Days

Marc Petitjean TT Bobbin Holder

The bobbin holder other bobbin holders aspire to be! You could thread this bobbin without even loo..


Marc Petitjean Whip Finish Tool

Marc Petitjean have developed a range of unique fly tying tools based on 15 years experience. They..


Marc Petitjean Amadou Sheet (A6)

Favoured by many anglers for over a century, AMADOU is one of the best materials for drying flies ..


Marc Petitjean Black Floss 2 - 3 Days

Marc Petitjean Black Floss

Perfect for splitting tails and wings. The MP-Floss black spool is excellent for thorax bodies and..


Marc Petitjean CDC Oil 2 - 3 Days

Marc Petitjean CDC Oil

The CDC oil is used as a protecting “barrier” cream. A drop on the body of your flies will protect ..