Benecchi Ultra Fine Thread 12/0

Benecchi threads are a long established brand offering genuine top of the range threads in a variety of options. Yes you may be able to find cheaper thread but you will struggle to find better and FlyTek are pleased to be able to offer the full range of these threads in the UK

Characteristics of the threads include:

·      a wide range of colours

·      sizes of tying thread are 12/0 (the finest), 10/0, 8/0, 6/0

·      100m spools with colour coded ends indicating the size and which also act as thread retainers

·      the threads are non waxed **

·      for the size the threads are remarkably strong

·      all sizes of threads can be split

·      the threads are light stable

** The threads are non waxed for ease of use when dubbing and whip finishing and do not clog bobbins but will readily take wax when extra grip is required.

As well as standard tying thread the Benecchi range of threads cover just about all the requirements a fly tyer may have and in fact many of the top tyers world wide insist on only using Benecchi thread due to it's superior quality.

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Benecchi Ultra Fine Thread 12/0

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